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Wine transports us to distant places, allowing us to reach different cultures, to appreciate and understand its present role in everyday life, and in some countries for centuries.

A good wine, a genuine wine, made with experienced hands and dedicated heart and soul, allows us to live an exclusive, unique experience. It is a pleasure that brings us closer to our friends, our loved ones, even to our own selves, and leaves us with fond memories.

In O de Vino, our aim is to offer distinctive wines here in Mexico. We strive to find legendary, genuine and established wineries that move us and inspire us to import their fine wines to our country. Our labels enjoy international recognition from major critics and are available at the most prestigious centers of consumption.

Our sommeliers and specialized distributors allow us to provide national coverage and at the same time to appropriately satisfy your business needs and/or personal preferences through their friendly and timely advice.

Our pride

  • We enrich our business relationships with recommendations and alliances.
  • We complement wine lists with premium and ultra-premium products.
  • We have an exclusive offer of wines for collectors and connoisseurs.
  • We provide professional and personalized service.

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